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Today’s great idols no longer are exclusively musicians or actors – Influencers have become the superstars of our time. With their great popularity and reach in social media, they are of special interest for the marketing industry. That is why we do not only support you in finding Models, but also offer our services as Influencer Marketing Agency Hamburg. It does not matter if you want to reach Instagram, YouTube or Facebook - together we will design the best Influencer campaign for you!

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Influencer Marketing Agency

How Influencer Marketing works

Social media giants like Julien Bam or Dagi Bee turned their hobby into their profession - they finance their livelihoods as YouTube or Instagram Influencers. How does Influencer Marketing work? It involves people who have a large and loyal community on social media platforms engaging in cooperations with companies. For a fee, these so-called Influencers then advertise the company's brand, products or services on their channel. This might be a photo of the product on Instagram or a more elaborately designed unboxing or test video on YouTube. Influencer Marketing offers a wide range of formats and topics - beauty, fashion, art, sports or even gaming and technology. Influencer Marketing Campaigns are sought after because of their high impact on relevant target groups that are otherwise difficult to reach. Social Media Marketing is often more efficient than print or TV advertising, because there is no one-sided communication, but mutual communication. Instead of simply being flooded, users can become active themselves, express their opinions, make recommendations and communicate directly with companies - and thus remember the brand much better.


You want to start your own Influencer campaign? Then simply contact us online and we will start a successful Influencer Marketing project together with you!

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Simply contact us via our contact form and we will work with you to create the ideal Influencer Marketing campaign!

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Become an Influencer

How do I become an Influencer in Hamburg

At a time in which the charming twin girls Lisa and Lena built an empire on, Instagram and later on even with the moderation of TV shows, an increasing number of young people want to become Influencers themselves. Influencer Marketing is a unique way for people with an affinity for Social Media to turn their hobby into their profession. If you have a large, loyal and interactive community that you regularly provide with creative and unique content, you can easily apply as an Influencer using our online contact form. A following in the 6 to 8 digit range is not required. So-called Microinfluencers with a following of 5,000-10,000 are often approached for Influencer Marketing campaigns as well because of their higher interaction range. We are also flexible concerning the subject of your channel: We are looking for influencers in various areas, such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, mommy, pets, gaming or comedy.


Does it apply to you? Then it is time to apply online now and enter into exciting cooperations as a YouTube, Facebook or Instagram Influencer!

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