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Model Agency Hamburg

Our Model Agency

We are an experienced and reputable Model Agency in Hamburg with numerous international clients as well as a comprehensive model database with more than 4,000 Models and Influencers. We rely on close contact to our customers and Models. This principle has proven itself for our Model Agency as a basis for long-term and mutually satisfied cooperation.

Our working environment

How do we work? We value teamwork and a close exchange in our work within our Model Agency as well. That is why we place great importance on open offices and shared activities. In addition to our daily lunch together as a team, we also organize activities outside of working hours, such as cinema visits and game nights. We are convinced: Only those who feel good about themselves and enjoy their work can perform well in the long term and maintain a good relationship with Models and customers.

Model Agency Hamburg

Our philosophy

If you want to grow, you need to be prepared for challenges. That is why we distinguish ourselves as a Model Agency with our openness towards innovative and unusual projects. Accordingly, we also incorporate unconventional types into our model database. Besides classic Female and Male Models, you can also find Plus Size and Curvy Models, Best Ager and Senior Models as well as Fitness and Tattoo Models. Faithful to the motto „There is no such thing as impossible" we offer our customers an individualized service!

Modelagentur Office

Our additional services

What makes us unique? As a Model agency, we are not interested in making money quickly and at short notice. Instead, we rely on long-term and trust-based partnerships - with both our customers and our Models. To make this possible, we always are one step ahead:

customer support

In order to offer our customers the best possible service, we take the time to get to know them and understand their marketing plans. Of course, we also get to know our Models personally, so that we can then provide our customers with the perfect match.